A stubborn, strong-willed woman that relies on her unquestioned sense for aesthetics and the vast expertise she has earned. A master of style, an entrepreneur and, above all, a woman acting as a bridge between two cultures, two worlds apparently very different from each other, but sharing the love for art. This is what XU YUE JUAN is like. Her creations are always modern and evocative. The satisfaction of those wearing DELVES-JK clothing is the main aim of the company from Emilia-Romagna with its seat halfway between Bologna and Ferrara.

XU YUE JUAN is a fashion designer in constant search for perfection. At any cost. Her pencil gives birth to ever-modern glamour. She shapes materials into her own kind of luxury that is never banal. DELVES-JK’s women and men are the center of an extremely refined elegance, with creations for every moment of the day that testify a character and a taste without equal. DELVES-JK’s distinguishing features are simple: quality without compromise that always testifies the pride and love for clothing showing the quality and the taste of Italian high fashion.
This is the only way to become “Ambassador of 100% Made in Italy Products“.


XU YUE JUAN is Chinese by birth, but she has been living in Italy for over twenty years and has attracted the attention of the world of international high fashion thanks to her role as “Ambassador” of High-Level Made in Italy Products, by combining ancient oriental craftsman techniques with the tailoring tastes of high-quality Italian high fashion. Let the glamour created by XU YUE JUAN seduce you, touch the softness of the finest leather, the richness of the wool and the cashmere, and the seducement of the silk with your own hands; lose yourselves in a kaleidoscope of shapes, lines, colors and nuances. Wear with pride the highest level of every single seam or handmade finishing. This is the world that XU YUE JUAN and DELVES-JK bring to you.

XU YUE JUAN began presenting her creations in 1985 and four years ago, she definitely distinguished herself in the world of high fashion. In February 2010, she made her debut at the Salone della Moda prêt-à-porter in Milan, where she raised a lot of interest. In April of the same year, she repeated her success at the important fashion show at the Circolo della Stampa (Press Club) in Milan, which hosted a Chinese-born stylist for the first time in its history.

In the following May, DELVES-JK’s A/I collection was presented at the Expo in Shanghai, and in September, XU YUE JUAN was invited at the Prêt-à-Porter in Paris. XU YUE JUAN was also highly successful in China, so much so that she was invited for the second time to the Expo in Shanghai, where she presented a stunning fashion show at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

In 2011, DELVES-JK raised a lot of interest again with the presentation of its clothing at the fashion show “Amore e moda” (Love and Fashion) by Alghero, which was also broadcast by the Italian nationwide TV channel Rete 4. XU YUE JUAN brought her creations back to China by taking part at the fashion fairs Mode Shanghai and Chic 2012 in Beijing, and, above all, by holding a series of conferences – with the express invitation from the Government of the People’s Republic of China – at China’s most important Universities and Academies of Fine Arts thus confirming her role as a true “Ambassador of Italian High Fashion”.

DELVES-JK is a peerless brand in the world of Italian fashion at the highest level. Gorgeous extreme luxury clothing with unquestioned glamour.

DELVES-JK collections are made from fabric and leather of absolute quality, entirely made in Italy, manufactured with extreme care through expert tailoring procedures.

Clothing unique by the supreme quality of its manufacture and especially by its distinctive design. Soft and smooth or sharp and gritty lines created from the inborn taste and the great imagination of XU YUE JUAN.